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2號房 (Causeway Bay/銅鑼灣)
PX Serviced Apartment Room 2 (Causeway Bay)
2號房 (Causeway Bay/銅鑼灣)
Causeway Bay Station Exit F - 3 mins fm MTR, beside Lee Gardens
180 sq. ft.
Net Rent: HK$14,500
Net Rent refers to the net price of the monthly rent. In addition to the rent, the tenant is responsible for paying the electricity bill according to the electricity meter and a fixed water fee of HK$50 per month.
The Net Rent amount is comparatively affordable.
Serviced Rate: HK$16,000
Serviced Rate refers to to the monthly rent at a fixed price, that we provide housekeeping service once every week and weekly linen change. Water and electricity are provided free of charge.
The Serviced Rate is a bit different (HK$1-2K per month) from Net Rent.
- WiFi Access, Local TV, Air-Conditioner
- Double Bed, Single Sofa, Wardrobe
- Washing machine, Microwave, Induction cooker & Fridge
- Washroom & Bathroom
- All Utilities Provided
- Weekly Cleaning Service

Phoenix Apartments, Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay